Awaken is an innovative new film that explores consciousness in an action/sci-fi film.

With two colliding Universes – Danny our hero, must find a way to stop the collision. With elements of martial arts, and intrigue the film is a visceral look at our place in the Universe and who we think we are, before it is all challenged by the appearance of a another reality.

Based on the short film Duality, which was narrated by New Age Guru Deepak Chopra the film explores many themes at the same time as being an action-packed thrill ride that the whole family can enjoy. http://www.awakeandonline.com

Welcome To Fresno:

Welcome to Fresno is a film about a male nurse called Ron and his life in a Fresno County ER. He battles his demons and his cancer while touches and changes the lives of the people around him.


The Wedding Photographer:

This is a comedy about the class structure in Los Angeles. Written entirely by Emad, it is a funny layered story about love, power, and scaling the social ladder in LA.